In short, a 50/50 fundraiser with a frozen twist! Participants can place predictions as to the exact date and time the GLIB Sculpture will break through the ice and plunge into the chilly Presque Isle Bay waters below. The lucky entrant(s) whose prediction(s) prove correct are awarded half the contest’s proceeds, leaving the other half to benefit Erie Arts & Culture and the Presque Isle Partnership. Predictions are $5 each and the number of wagers an individual wishes to place are unlimited.*Participants MUST be 18 years or older and agree to the GLIB terms and conditions.

Inspired by the Nenana Ice Classic, an Alaska tradition since 1917, Erie Arts & Culture and the Presque Isle Partnership have joined forces to create the inaugural Great Lake Ice Break, a joint fundraising initiative that will preserve both Erie’s natural and cultural assets, as well as attract visitors and gaming enthusiasts to Erie’s bayfront and downtown.

Erie-based artist David Seitzinger has collaborated with Gene Davis Sales and Services and F3 Metalworx to design and fabricate a distinctive, prominent sculpture to serve as both public art and as an icon for the fundraising event. Once the GLIB Sculpture is placed in the East Canal Basin, individuals begin making their predictions as to when it will fall through the ice. Following the contest’s conclusion, the sculpture is then relocated to Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel’s property for continued viewing throughout the remaining seasons of the year.

Every winter, the sculpture will be placed on the ice covering the East Canal Basin of Presque Isle Bay, contingent upon ice conditions. Once the sculpture is on the ice, participants can place their predictions as to the date and time, down to the exact minute, when they expect the ice will break and the sculpture will plunge into the bay. 

The sculpture will be considered through the ice after the steel panels around the sides of the sculptures are fully submerged below the water line. Time-stamped video footage will be used to determine the exact minute the panels fall below the water line. 

Predictions will only be taken from Monday, March 1 through Saturday, March 13 for the 2021 fundraiser. Predictions must be officially made through the Great Lake Ice Break website. Predictions must include the name and contact information for the individual placing the prediction. Additionally, predictions must include the month, day, hour, minute, and whether the prediction is for the am or pm.

To learn more about the ice conditions on Presque Isle Bay please visit